contactless debit and credit card technology

contactless debit and credit card technology
contactless debit and credit card technology

Visa, MasterCard and American Express Company of various banks have been issuing new contactless debit and credit cards to a large number of customers for some time now. These banks include banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Axis and IDBI. Shopping of up to two thousand rupees in malls or shops through these cards does not require any kind of PIN code or OTP. Payment is made only after touching the card with the payment machine On the question related to the safety of contactless cards, experts say that there is a danger of security with these cards. At least two thousand rupees can be done without PIN code shopping. However, you can set its limit through the bank's app. Let's know about it ...

Claims of banks - Banks are telling it more secure on their advertisements and websites. He argues that with this facility the card remains in your hands and there is no risk of cloning. Also, three times faster payment is being claimed.

How the card works- A special mark is made on all these cards. At the same time, the payment machines are used on them. A special sign () is also made there. The card will have to be placed or shown at a distance of about 4 centimeters on this machine and money will be deducted from your account. There will be no need to swipe or dip the card, nor to enter the PIN.

PIN and OTP required for more payment - PIN or OTP will be charged only for payment of more than two thousand rupees. That is, if your card is received by someone else, then he will be able to shop for at least two thousand rupees at a time. It is possible that by the time you get to know it, it may have blown more money from your account.

Question- What will happen if my card is lost and someone is found? 
Answer- A senior official of the government bank told News18 Hindi that in this situation you have to inform the bank immediately and get the card blocked. If someone has done the shopping before coming to your knowledge, the bank will make up for the loss.

Question: Any person who gets the card will be able to shop for 2000 thousand rupees. Then what?
Answer: The bank official says that if the shopping limit for one day is 20 thousand rupees, then there can be loss of so much money, but for this, payment has to be made at least 10 times from the card.

Question: After passing through the machine, will the card in the pocket be paid?
Answer: Experts tell that there should be a distance of 4 centimeters between the card and the machine, only then the payment is made. Keep the card in the pocket will not pay automatically.

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