what is keyboard in computer

what is keyboard in computer

what is keyboard in computer
what is keyboard in computer

Hello friends and welcome to i web digi today we are going to tell you about the keyboard in this post, in which you will get to learn about the keyboard, we hope that you will like our post like last time. Very few people will know what is the keyboard and how and why it is used, if you do not know about it, then we will give you complete information about it. Must read

Nowadays almost everyone is using computer or laptop. In today's time, computers are used for doing Video Games, Internet Searching or any kind of work. The keyboard plays its important role in doing all these tasks on the computer because through this all kinds of tasks have to be done. But the most important thing in this is that the keyboard of a computer or laptop is also the most special. Hardly you would not have seen, but the F and J Button are different on the keyboard you work on. A careful look reveals that F and J Buttons are raised on the keyboard, that is the most special thing that is specially made.

Most Important Shortcut

Win + D: You can use Win + D to minimize all software windows open on Windows Computer. Using this shortcut, with Windows Button on the keyboard, all the windows opened on the system will automatically be minimized as soon as the D Button Press is installed.

Win + L: If you want to use Win + L while working on your Windows Computer, you can do this by pressing L Button with Windows Button. This will lock your system and then it will be difficult to open it without a password.

CTRL + F: You can use CTRL + F Keyboard Shortcuts to search any text or file on any window that is open on Windows Computer such as Microsoft Word or Windows.

ALT + Tab: Friends, if you have a lot of windows open on your computer at one time and you want to move quickly from one window to another, then instead of clicking with a mouse, you can use ALT + Tab to make your work much faster. Can do

CTRL + /: If you are surfing the website on Browser and you want to zoom in on any text, image or page, then you can zoom the page by pressing + Button with CTRL. With the same CTRL - by pressing the Button, you can see the Web Page in Zoom Out ie small size.

CTRL + PgUp / PgDn: You can click Page UP with Control Button or Pagedown to move from one TAB to another while working on the browser. This will enable you to move forward or backward to any TAB much faster.

Alt + F4: You can use Alt + F4 to close any software or window or page that is open on the computer. In addition to the mouse, with this Keyboard Shortcut, you will be able to close Windows open faster. Even after closing all the windows, if you press these buttons, your system will also be shut down. .

Ctrl + alt + deletel: Many tasks like Restart, Logon, Shutdown, Sleep and Taskbar etc. can be done by pressing these three keys simultaneously. This command is also used in the event of a computer hang.

Ctrl + Esc: Through this KEY you can open the Start Menu without using the Mouse. If you want to use this key continuously, then you can navigate the Start Menu from Cursor TAB and Shift + Tab.
Win + I: This KEY can be used to easily open System Settings. However, in addition to this you can open the Action Center Panel by clicking on Win + A, then the notification will appear. After this, you can open Settings.

Win + S: You can use this Shortcut Keyboard to do Windows and Web Search.

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